Holiday Notice - 01/11/2018

Due to the holidays, our office shall be open from 08.00 am to 04.00 pm on Friday (02.11.2018).
As of Monday (05.11.2018) we shall resume our usual office hours (08.00 am – 06.00 pm). Thank you for your understanding.

MAart Agency - Translation Specialisation

We’ve been providing the following professional translation and interpreting services for 25 years: translation, certified (sworn) translation, interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage), localisation, transcreation, linguistic review for SEO, terminology management and other related services We specialise in the following domains and subjects:

  • Industry / Technology / Localisation

    Specialist technical translation and localisation: IT, automation, power energy, renewable energy, robotics, transport, environmental protection, industrial chemistry, workplace safety, standards, patents, software, manuals, instructions for use, mobile applications, webpages, DTP, new technologies.

    Technical translation
  • Life Sciences - medicine / pharmacy / medical devices / clinical trials

    Specialist translation in the life sciences domain - medical, pharmaceutical, medical devices, clinical trials, Summary of Product Characteristics [SmPC], study protocols, medical equipment, audits, pharmacovigilance, healthcare, biotechnology.

    Medical translation
  • Public institutions / European Union bodies

    Specialist translation on behalf of the public sector and the EU bodies: administrative and tender documents, TORs, agreements and contracts, directives, regulations, complaints, judgements, acts of law, legal documents, decision, state-aid proceedings, policies, complaints, subventions, audits, budgets, reports

    Translation for the EU institutions
  • Banking / Finance / Accounting

    Specialist translation in the domain of finance and accounting, IFRS, financial statements, banking, tax and financial documents, agreements, invoices, auditor reports, investment relations, business plans and analysis

    Financial translation
  • Law / Administration

    Specialist legal translation: commercial and civil agreements, powers of attorney, acts of law, regulations, contracts, commercial register excerpts and documents, articles of association, statutes, documentation used in legal proceedings, apostille, court judgements and decisions, certificates, documents certified by notaries public

    Legal translation
  • Business / Management / Marketing

    Specialist business translation: business plans, leaflets, catalogues, folders, case-studies, advertising materials, PR, marketing research, analysis and reports, procedures, articles, investor relations, transcription, transcreation, localisation of materials, documents, films, audio-visual processing, voice-overs

    Marketing translation


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