April Fools Day Hoax - Kilgray to Launch Innovative Industry Initiative!

If anybody was 'April Fooled' by our Breaking News Announcement (see below) published on 1 April then we've had our fun.

Now it's time to own up and reveal the full extent of our duplicity.

The press conference was not held in the Four Seasons Hotel (Istvan would never, ever pay for that - that was a significant clue).

Word has it that they actually want to make their conference 'a twitter-free zone' but don't want others to copy this great idea, so they are obviously trying to keep it secret.

The sophisticated "Dashboard" concept was slightly over the top - any old plain dusty dashboard will have to do for the 'watch dogging'.

They have admitted under pressure that they are actually only interested in saving the world by selling affordable memoQ licences to everybody on the planet. They have decided to leave the other major challenges to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet - for now.

The other rubbish content of the fake announcement does not interest them because they do not understand what it means.

They don't have to worry so much about interoperability because their own wares are fully interoperatible. But if other people want to watch them, they will happily return the compliment and watch them too.  

The "joke" logo is not really a Kilgray logo but was used courtesy of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights  - organisers of the annual Watch Docs Human Rights in Film Festival (see the proper logo below). Both the organisation and the festival are great and have our utmost respect These are real non-profit activits who are working hard to make the world a better place to live for everybody!

Watch out for more Breaking News on April Fools Day 2012.


Kilgray have just announced that they are following the new generation globalization trends and not only will their user conferences become Twitter Free Zones from now on but they are also launching a new Industry All Standards Watch Dog Dashboard Programme (ASWDDP) at the MemoQ Fest!

The Kilgray spokesperson, Istvan Navtsi confirmed this evening at the Budapest Four Seasons Hotel press conference that Kilgray have been inspired by key industry speakers to give up on the idea of selling software and decided to invest in saving the world by seeking input from localization buyers and suppliers, tool developers, and various partner localization and standards organizations and exploring funding options for a long-term, stable standards program that is available to all in the industry.

Kilgray have confirmed their commitment to this new groundbreaking initiative by changing their logo, re-branding, and donating all their TM and MT assets to various industry charities registered as not-for-profit corporations.